My gloomy gloomy Monday is bleeding into my Tuesday.

I watched the sun rise this morning from my sofa, looking out my front window. This daily miracle usually lifts my spirits, but today I had no such luck.

I find it truly amazing how attached we can become to animals, and their passing brings about a different kind of grief. Simply put - it's completely and utterly irrational. Then again, that's just the nature of emotions. I didn't want to get out of bed this morning, which caused me to be late for work. To make matters worse, I found out today my work was not accepted into a certain journal.

But! I will persist. If I've learned anything in my years here, I've learned that when you work towards something with your heart, you eventually achieve it. So, in attempt to keep my hopes alive and well this morning I have submitted to TAMIU Reflections. At least if I get a rejection letter, it will be when my spirits are higher and I'm better able to cope. Until then, I can hope and dream :-)

I'm feeling a little better... the sun's peeking through the clouds and shining on the banana trees outside my office window.


  1. Congratulations for your blog, dear Katie, and thenk you so much for joining us, to C&LH website.
    You are our good friend. Keep in touch with us.
    Best wishes from me and my editorial staff:
    Daniel Dragomirescu, Editor of C&LH, Romania;
    Caroline Gill, main contributor for Wales, UK;
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