The Poems Exploded and It's Not My Fault

Well all the sudden I have my poetic hands full again. Woot!

First of all, I had a wonderful poetry class last night. We talked about Blake and Neruda, about leaping and taking chances in writing. I <3 Blake and Neruda. I left the class with two stacks of poems to critque. One, for our next workshop meeting and the other....

is for a poetry contest that I'm helping judge. That's right. Me. Katie. Judging a poetry contest.

Ok so it's not a huge deal. But anyway I'm pretty excited to crack into that stack of poems and choose a few winners.

You know what, in retrospect I should have posted the contest details up here. Ah well, hindsight is always 2020 excuse my cliche. It's morning and the coffee I made is too weak.

So I'm judging the Green Living Poetry contest here, for the McAllen Chamber of Commerce. Yay! Co-judging, along with my good friend the Poet Mariachi.

Wait a second... how come I don't have a cool nickname? Ok, from here on out I will refer to myself as La Guerita de Maiz. :-D Love it.

Other news? Why yes, yes there is some.

A very nice gentleman by the name of Pablo contacted me yesterday concerning his new blog, called Chachalaca's in Orbit. Apprently he reads this blog (hurray!) and is going to write about my book, Among the Mariposas, for Chachalacas.

I checked out the website and it's pretty rad. So check it out for yourself too. It's a great way to stay up to date with our burgeoning art scene here in El Valle.

So here's the link, folks:

And even more exciting, I'm going to be writing for them as a weekly contributor concerning literary events here in the Valley.

Yes, I'm crazy busy but you know what, this is going to give me a great excuse to be a more active participant in the local literary scene. You would never guess it, but I can be a bit of a shy individual (gasp!). I get nervous when I do readings, but maybe everyone does.

On an unrelated note, I need to put in another order for more chapbook copies....

So I'm back to being busy bee Katie, which I appreciate. I just need to remember to make time for MY poems too. Teaching, editing, volunteering, socializing, networking, ect is all fine and dandy. But the whole purpose of this is so that I can become a better writer. And that requires ass in chair fingers on keyboard time. Which, I need to make sure that I ALWAYS have. It is absolutely most important.

So today's goal is to judge that green living poetry contest. Secondary goals are to do a journal entry, to order more chapbooks, and to begin critiquing workshop poems.

I can do this. I can do it all.