A Post with Goals always seems to help...

Unmotivated... again.

Another rejection came in this weekend, this time from Ante Review. Its ok - I'm over it. A World of Warcraft Marathon and pot of homemade black bean soup later I felt like myself again. Oh, and a trip the the gym.

My favorite things in the world are cooking things from scratch, playing video games, and exercising. Oh, and poetry. But not when I'm angry with poetry.

And don't forget coffee...

Ok - so I'm determined to make this week better. More productive. What are my goals?

Get some serious ass to chair time and focus on this poem that's been sitting in my notebook for weeks. I would LIKE to have it ready for my workshop on Wednesday. If not, that's ok - I have an arsinal of poems that desperately need workshopping as well.

Prep and send out TWO submissions. One for PRISM International, one for Southern Review. Deadlines, Katie, deadlines!

Eat more veggies. Yes, for some reason this helps me tremendously. In mood and spirit primarily. I feel like crap when I eat like crap.

And get back into my twice daily walk routine. This helps me too.

I've been feeling my back and stomach pains returning a little lately, and that just makes me determined to be healthier. The weather is beautiful at the moment, high of 88. That's unseasonably beautiful for the RGV.

Any other goals for the week? Yes. Journal. Everyday. It is tremendously helpful to journal daily, in both my writing and... well... everything!

So I have the recipe for wellbeing. For happiness, for contentment. I remember when I first started college I was 17 years old, and a little bit depressed. I will spare the details, but I remember one Sunday afternoon thinking to myself, how can one be happy? I thought to myself... with balance. Balance is what makes a person happy. So since then I've tried to live balance, and it kind of works! Feed your mind with books, your body with good food and exercise, your heart with the company of people you love (and cats) and your soul with God. And when you're nourished in all things, you find happiness.

So for my mind - I will write, read, keep going on this poetic endeavor. But it cannot consume me.
For my body, I will cook more food at home, consume less refined sugar, and do more light exercise. Yesterday I ate pretty much only vegetables, and I feel better today as a result.
For my heart, I'll spend more time with Bruno. Even though... he's insanely busy with crazy computer projects. In which case I will spend time with our cats.
And for my soul, I will read the Bible and go to church this Sunday.

One step at a time, and I'll get there.