A Thankful Post a Day Early :-)

So tomorrow i'm going to be scrambling, trying to get the turkey in the oven, house cleaned and spiffied up for company, and proabably stressing like a mad woman at HEB with the crowds of other procrastinators. I likely won't have a moment to think about what I'm thankful for...

but today I do :-) See, that's the beauty of serious procrastination. The calm before the storm. As I sit in my office this morning, I could think of all I have to complain about - having to be here at work on this lovely Wednesday while most of my family's off, I could complain about my lack of inspiration lately - my poetically dry disposition. I could also complain about my low pay, the messy house I have to go home to tonight - or the oodles of money I had to drop to host this stinkin' thanksgiving dinner... grumble grumble... I could complain about a lot of things :-P

But... I won't (ok... maybe I just did).

Instead - I'll be thankful that I have a job, one I actually enjoy
I'll be thankful that I have the luxury of poetry, no matter how badly it treats me sometimes ;)
I'll be thankful that there's money in the bank - enough to get buy.
I'll be thankful that I have a place to go home to, with a wonderful bruno, and many many cats (who are healthy, I am thankful for their health and my own)
I am thankful that I have a family ~ a great one.
I'm thankful that I'm able to host a thanksgiving :-) At my beautiful house, with my beautiful family. The weather will be beautiful, and the house will smell delicious.

Tomorrow'll be a whirlwind of a day - so today I'll just be thankful that it's hours away X-D

So life's good. I'm getting better at accepting that.

This year, if nothing else, I've learned to be thankful for everyday. Each day we're here is a gift, and it is our responsiblity to use it wisely and never, never take it for granted.

This year, I'm thankful for life - and having the eyes to watch life bloom before me.


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  2. Cool! Thanks for the link. I will definately check it out. Aye, that GRE is kickin' my butt. Just when I think I've mastered a skill, I take a practice test and bam, back to square one :'(


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