Barf Barf Barf I will say the word until the meaning disappears

Ok so I haven't been writing lately, much of anything.

No blogposts, no poems, barely any scholarly writing either. What's wrong with me?

Well - I've been sick again. It started on Christmas Eve. My tummy troubles are back, and it's completely all my fault for not taking better care of myself. This has me worried, worried because it has kept me from doing my three all time favorite things: running, baking, and most of all - writing.

So my Christmas sucked. Big time. And my new years too. I rung in the new year sipping champagne, that preceeded to make me want to barf all over everyone. Am I pregnant? everyone asks. ::SNEER!!!::

But it feels good to be back at the office, even if I am holding back more barf as I type. Sometimes I think it's all in my head, and that if I get up, get dressed, get out of the house, I will be ok. Let's see if this theory pans out for me....

So it's a new year, right? Will this mean a new Katie? Hmm... no.

I wish I was more positive right now, more enthusiastic, more goal oriented, more "hip hip hurray!" but I'm not. I've been in a funk. funk funk funk funk funk

Later I will outline my plans for the new year. At the present moment, my goal is being pain and nausea free.