NACCS Conference Confirmation!

Ok so I have a lot coming up.

Why is it that things always happen, all at the same time?

I spent almost the entire month of December in my new snuggie... there were entire days that I didn't leave the house.

And now... EvErYtHiNg is happening again. I have so much to get ready for, its driving me completely insane (in a good way, because being idle drives me insane too but in a bad way... i think...).

I got the NACCS program today, (check 'er out here: and I'm doing two presentations PLUS a book signing. I'm inviting the other MFP authors, and will be organizing readings for them, too. Aye. There's so much to do, so much to do.

And before that even happens I have EGADS - my trial run of my thesis presentation which is in just a few weeks.

And then I have my new form and theory class, which is requiring enough writing to keep me busy

And then I have my thesis defense, getting too close for comfort

And then I have my next chapbook to get ready to send to publisher... who asked me for it yesterday and I'm like here twiddling my thumbs.

And then I need to think about jobs, continuing school,

And And And And And....


There's no room for writers block in this equation -- no room for sickness or depression, for laziness, for failure.

Katie, I'm counting on YOU :-)

And I won't disappoint myself.

In other news, I started a ZuMbA class. Yes, I'm white and NO I can't dance but that doesn't stop me from burning calories and getting skinnier.