No More Hibernation!

No more no more no more!

For realsies, this time, I'm back to my former self.

So today I'm in good spirits, looking over my thesis manuscript - taking a step back and feeling just a little bit proud of myself.

I find out today that I will be doing a book signing at South Texas College. Yay! I'm excited. I will post more details as they become available. Should be in late February, though.

Anything else? No, not really. Just... was having a bit of an identity crisis the other day, wondering what the heck I'm doing and why. And now I'm realizing that it is ok to wonder, to be in a state of limbo. Today - I'm content with (somewhat) playing 'it' by ear.

Oh! and today's the first day of my last semester at UTPA (tear!). But no classes for me until Thursday. It feels good to be back!

I'm thinking I'm not good at being on vacay ;)