Napowrimo 16

Today I have Vagina Monologue dress rehearsals, so I guess my monologue is on my mind :)


At first it tastes a little bitter
on the tongue, but soon
it learns to curl around them
and like black coffee, it's taste
is acquired. The word is yes.
You'll use it as your daily bread.

Yes, my space is yours, come
closer. Yes, this is the smell
of me, cherry petals, lavender
in spring. Yes, my hair's
its natural hue, a wheat field
in the sun, and yes, they're real,
the golden grapefruits blushing red
when peeled. Yes, I feel sexy
when I listen to the clicks
my heels make against the pavement.
Yes, the blisters make me feel alive.
 Yes, it's homemade. Yes, I feel
the right amount of shame,
and yes, I do it for you
and you alone. Yes, you taste
like rain and yes, I like the scent
of musk at sunrise. Yes,
I always look like this, and yes,
my skin's a smooth as sky.
Yes, you always leave me