Napowrimo 20

This is really rough because I've been insanely busy today, but I think this is an interesting idea. Write in the voice of a family member. I chose my deceased grandma. The story goes that when she found out she was pregnant with my dad, she went to the bar and wept with her girlfriends. I didn't know my grandma very well, which makes this interesting to think about:

Napowrimo 20

This is what the body’s made for –
Love. For love and ripening,
For cycles of life that take us
In unexpected directions.

I never would have guessed
that I’d be here, with my elbows
on the bar, weeping because my heart
is broken and almost out of love. 

I want to come back to this idea and explore a little further, but on a day when I don't have so many looming deadlines. 

I had another idea for a poem, that maybe I'll explore tomorrow -- those tiny white flowers on the side of the road with their yellow centers, erect for the sun.