NaPoWriMo #3

Today's prompt was to write a "charm." It was supposed to rhyme. I tried and failed. But this happened:

Charm for Brain Dust

When hinged in hum-drum,
shake it loose like pennies
in a jar, like windblown hair
that tangles perfectly. Seduce
a stranger with your tongue,
remind yourself of music:
hurried words, what's said
between his breath and yours,
the silencing of mockingbirds
at night, the moments stillness
feels like death and smells
like rings of stale smoke.

Make thunder with the smacking
of your lips, exhale the scent
of rain. Remember all the reasons
for your weeping. Find God
in ridiculous places: split ends
of hair, the hangnail on your toe
the smell of sweat at midnight
that reminds you, yes,
you're body's still alive tonight.