Napo 14

I went looking for the missed prompts from Napowrimo and I missed one about repetition. That's pretty easy. Obsession.


It was so damn hot in August in South Texas.
It was so damn hot the air-conditioner gave up,
So damn hot it sputtered smoke and coughed.

It was so damn hot. She put her hair up in a bun,
Let her damn hot shoulders feel the breeze,
That was also so damn hot. The gulf swirled

With damn hot winds, like grandma making
cocoa so damn hot regardless of the season,
So damn it burns her lips but still she sips.

It was so damn hot even in mesquite shade.
It was so damn hot the mockingbirds took siesta.
It was so damn hot the cacti turned the color of a penny.

It was so damn hot and the ice cream truck
Came down the damn hot streets and sang
A damn hot song of sweet redemption,

and the damn hot children barreled from their houses,
damn hot screen doors slapping their butts,
damn hot pavement hissing at bare feet.

It was so damn hot even the raspas morphed to oceans,
A damn hot sea of red and chamoy. She threw up her arms,
It was so damn hot, her skin sticky with sweat.

It was so damn hot she dreamed of the gates
Of the damn hot inferno, and wondered when

The damn heat would suck her in for eternity.