Napo 19

Today' prompt was to write about the creation myth. So, I did! In my own way :)


On the first day, she let the light in
Her body radiant with life and bathed
In sweat. On the second day, she traced
The borderline between the earth and sky,
Looked out into the horizon, and knew
Her life would never be the same.
On the third day, she willed the forming
Of a world within herself, continents
Of cells awash within the ocean of love.
On the fourth day, she gave that world
A heart, a burning, eternal sun, a moon
For balance, confetti stars like dreams
To light the night. On the fifth day,
The world teamed at the snap
Of her finger within the depths of her,
The belly an ocean filled with life
That multiples, expands, and fills the emptiness.
On the sixth day, the greatest day of all,
She created, in the image of herself,
An embryo the size of a pin within,
Commands it to multiply, to grow
Beyond the confines of herself,
To burst through the door of the world.
On the seventh day, she rested,

Her universe a glimmer in her eye.