Napo 9

Today's prompt was to write a bop!
I'd never read or heard of a bop before, though after reading a few examples, I figured it out.
My mind was still very much on the road through Texas. That roadtrip. So. Long.

Bop for the Long Drive Across Texas

When you drive across the state of Texas,
You learn to see the world a blur
Of countryside overflowing with wildflowers,
Sprawling ranchland dotted with longhorns,
Rusted out towns that’ve seen better days.
You put your foot on the gas and go --

Time barrels down this highway like a sports car

And always you’ve somewhere else to go.
This roadtrip is life. You’ve long ago realized
You’ll whirr past the most beautiful moments,
An embarrassment of bluebonnets crowned in gold
At dawn, a congregation of clouds reminiscent
Of heaven, some glorious old man on the roadside,
His thumb in the air, his blue eyes, a clear sky
On you. You punch the gas. You’ve places to go.

Time barrels down this highway like a sports car.

You sit up straight. The mile markers scream
Your time is finite. Someday, this endless journey
Ends with a simple destination. San Antonio,
El Paso, Houston – wherever home is it’s not here
Amidst this peaceful beauty and the flocks of grackles.
Your mind fills with thoughts of home, with sleep.

Time barrels down this highway like a sports car.