Napo 15

Again, this needs work. Today's prompt was to write a dramatic monologue. I chose to write a monologue in the voice of a plastic grocery bag. I want the grocery bag, something mundane, to be uplifted to sound like God, but not a very nice god, obviously.

Monologue of the Plastic Grocery Bag

I will carry your burdens
If you fill me with them—
The box of breakfast cereal,
The cans of green beans
For the Thanksgiving table,
A rainforest of toilet paper.

Whenever you need me,
I’m there. Translucent like a ghost,
when released to the wind, I can float
For miles and miles,
Find my rest in an empty field,
Be mistaken for a wildflower
In spring. Notice how the sun
Catches my skin and shines.

Some forget about me,
Stuff me into a drawer
For later use like a Bible.
I collect dust in the folds of myself.

I can wander the sea
For millennia,
A lost god,
Aimlessly riding the waves.

I survive the belly of the whale—
Bring down the biggest of beasts
Without mercy.

My creation warms the earth.
I can make this ocean rise.
I’m in your blood stream,
In the air you breathe.
I am legion.

I’m in the Gulf winds.
I float atop the sea. I’m in the soil
At your feet. I never decay
Or return to the earth.
And I’ll linger,
And ever
And ever

On your planet,