Today's prompt was to write a sad poem in simple language. The extra bonus over-achiever prompt was to make it a sonnet. I'm an extra over-achiever. No shame.
I decided to write about running with my dad and  the start realization that one day, I'll have to run without him.

The Finish Line

A marathon’s a race that never seems
To end. When I was young, I’d watch my dad
train and run the races. In my dreams,
he was immortal, an Olympiad,

invincible and ageless. My legs grew.
So did my heart. And soon, I started running
By my father’s side, always a few
Steps behind my Superman but gunning

For the finish line. We logged the miles.
He trained me in his image, and together
we powered through the aches, the pains, the smiles
of gritted teeth as sun turned skin to leather.

But every race must have a finish line;
He’ll cross his before I can cross mine.