Napo 17

This is getting difficult. I'm fighting some brain fog this week. Bleh.

Abecederian for Survival in a Hurricane

A is for the aftermath—
Be ready for it,
Closed roads keeping you from home,
Debris of lives floating through neighborhoods,
Endless work to clean up the mess created by this.

F is the flood. I thought we’d been through this already,
God. What ever happened to that covenant?
Harvey taught us to have faith
In nothing anymore—

M is for the monster finally fading, the clouds eventually parting,
Nothing could stop it in its tracks.
O is for the shape of our mouths,
Perpetually hung open as we picked up the pieces,
Quelled our fears,
Rebuilt our lives from the brokenness.

S is for the streets,
Trash piled high like mountains of
Unimaginable loss—your father’s favorite chair, shattered
Vases filled with molded lilies,
Wooden desks, built by calloused hands, water-logged and ruined.

X is for the exodus of people that never returned, even after
Years have passed now, the land you once called home
zoned for green-space as we try to close the good book on Harvey.