Ah Friday....

I sort of hate Fridays, because there's this celebratory air to them that I'm not able to indulge in. A particularly difficult Friday is this one - because it's the Friday before spring break and I have to work not only tomorrow, but through the entirety of spring break.

My life sucks.

LoL - Ok, no, that's not even a little bit true. But I am a bit down, looking enviously at those who are now donning flip flops and shorts. Tomorrow morn, I'll be spending my Saturday with a bunch of kiddos. And come Monday I'll be cooped up in my office trying to format my thesis manuscript between advisement appointments. When did life get complicated?

Ah, screw it. I'm happy anyway :) You know what - I wouldn't want it any other way.

So tonight I'm getting on Second Life and attending a poetry workshop. I'm a little excited about it, because I've never really done this whole second life thing before. I've always heard about it, been curious, but eh... have always been to lazy/distracted/unmotivated to see what all the hype was about. But now that I understand there are poems involved? Well - I'm there ;)

So that's my little update for the afternoon. I sent out my thesis draft gazillion to the committee, and let's see what happens. I hope they don't hate it, or at least if they do, they only hate it a little so I don't have to rewrite the entire monster of a document.

I'm off to enjoy my working weekend/spring break/entire life.