Some Reflections from Carino's Poetry Night

So last night at Carino's we proved that the poetry scene here in the valley is alive and well! There I am, enjoying a Merlot while I listen to Erika serenade us. My dad was kind enough to join me for the evening, he's right across the table.

And here I am! Reading "Chocolate Sundae", "A Taste for Autumn", and "The Garden of Dresses", which went over well! I'd never read "A Taste for Autumn" in public before, so there's a first time for everything ;)

And there I am, with the entire crew! Yes, I was distracted by, something. Oh well, I REALLY don't know how to pose for pictures.
And next to me is the lovely Lady Mariposa, Alejandro something or another, Edward (the host!), Brenda Nettles Riojas, Daniel Garcia Ordaz, Julieta Corpus, another white girl poet named Katie from up north, and Richard Sanchez.
Twas fun. Twas fun.
My next reading probably won't be until the Valley International Poetry Festival, which is good because I'll have plenty of time to come up with fresh material. And that'll be at the end of April. I shall see you then, oh lovely microphone!