Progress Progress

So I'm movin' right along with my critical introduction.

Right now my mind is absolutely swamped with everything I have to do yet. Yesterday, I went jogging with my dad to kind of get my head out of the clouds.

My dad and I are strangely similar souls. When I was an undergrad, he was at the same university doing his masters so he can really sympathize with me right now. We're both goal oriented to a fault, and we both thrive on routine, physical exercise, and balance in life. So he gave me some great advice - to just get back to my 'basics' - to not worry about things beyond my control, and to keep my daily routine as much as possible.

And it's been helping :) A little bit.

Today I got a butt load of revisions done on the thesis, and it's finally starting to come together. I am now confident I'll have a draft ready for Dr. S on Friday, maybe even before then. I'm shocked at how fast I'm working now. Something 'snapped' in me - and now I'm not worrying so much as just getting my hands dirty and working. Thanks, dad.

I'm still working on sending out submissions, too. I gots my stamps last night and I'm ready with a new batch. Yay. This will work :)

Lately I've been bogged down with rejection letters - but I'm reminding myself that it's natural. After my massive submission bomb, I need to expect this. And actually, I remember telling myself to be happy with even one acceptance. Well - I've gotten two so far so.... I really can't complain :-) I've been fortunate, and will continue to be.

So I'll leave you with something to savor: a video of my publisher and good friend Lau reading their lovely poems at Cosina del Caribe :-)