American Sentences

Hmm... I think my blog needs a bit of an update.

Well this weekend was poetically unproductive. But I do have a life outside of poetry, you know. My kitchen got cleaned, I spent time with parents, exercised, and scooped some kitty litter. Yayy!

This past week, I don't know if I mentioned it, but I submitted to Minnetonka Review. I'm completely NOT counting on getting accepted, because once I sent of the packet I realized that I misspelled the journal's name :-X. Ooopsie. So.. um... waste of time? Totally!

And of course that AWP proposal went out. I'm not supposed to be thinking about it but of course I am. Oh, and 'the girls' are preparing submission packets for the Texas Book Festival AND another Gloria Anzaldua conference at UTSA. COOL! It sure is good to have smart and ambitious people on your side. I'm so glad that I decided to initiate this whole press panel deal. It's working out wonderfully :-)

Ummm... oh! I did a few writing exercises today. Practicing American Sentences. I decided that, with my new found summer free time, I'm going to go through Kim Addonizio's new book, Ordinary Genius, in detail and do the suggested exercises and readings properly. By the way, Kim Addonizio is totally my hero as of late.

So here's what I was working on today...

My fingers run across your mouse, dig into you with a little click

My fountain trickles on, pumped watter rubbing up on plastic rocks.

The water always runs - doesn't stop to caress what's below the surface.

The dust settles when all our words end - never to be disturbed again.

I watch your face crinkle into sleep - your eyes close like a clenched fist.

My fingers are children tucked neatly into the cradle of my fist.

You're just a wordless stranger underneath your thick veil of sleep.

I want to wrap my lips around your words - the rushing pulse of poems.

I press your keys down into submission at just the perfect moment.

I'm between your pillows of words - wrapped in your hot tongue of silence.

Just a little nonsense. Anyway, it's good practice for me if nothing else. Feels good to write soley for my own pleasure ;)