Finished my final portfolio for form and theory of poetry.

Yay professor gave us an extra day to work on it. Yay I got to procrastinate a little bit more.

No but seriously - it was turninable yesterday but today allowed me to do a little polishing up.

Ok so what's new with me?

Hmmm... still working on that proposal of course. I'm getting some help from one of the panelists. It's helpful to know smart people right?

Oh! And some news~ I'm going to be a featured reader at Savory Perks in Weslaco! Hurray! Again, it helps to know NICE people ;-) One of my buddies from class invited me, and of course I have to accept. It's an opportunity to promote my book, and I'll have a great time too at the reading. So I'm excited.

The reading will be at 7pm next Thursday, May 20th. Of course, at Savory Perks in Weslaco. My chapbooks will be for sale at the reading for $7!

And I guess that's it for news. Right now, I have to get back to work on the proposal. Which - by the way - if it does get accepted, I've decided to invite my mommy to come to the conference with me. How much of a dork will I look like in front of all the snootie patootie writers? I'll tell them all, "I'm such a baby grad student I'm too scared to fly to DC on my own so here I brought my mommy!". Haha... ah I don't care 8-)