Today at Petsmart...

My kitty is sick. He has a severe upper respiratory infection plus very bad gingivitis. Today I took him to the vet at Petsmart because my usual vet was closed for Memorial Day. I was grumpy about this, I don't really like the petsmart vets because you only talk to the doctor for like five minutes before he scoots out the door to ring up your enormous bill. Aye.

So I'm in the waiting area, and a somewhat familiar looking lady walks by. She makes eye contact, smiles big and friendly, and walks over to introduce herself. "Remember me?" she asks, but doesn't wait for a response. "You're Katherine, right? The one who reads the poetry?"

Ah hah! Yes, now it's starting to come to me... I nod my head, "Yes, yes, that's me!" I tell her. We shake hands.

"I remember you reading at Barnes and Noble the other week. We are still enjoying your poetry" Apparently the bought a copy of the book ;-)

I was pretty impressed with myself! LOL, I've been 'recognized' in public. Does that make me famous? Haha... sure why not?

Anyway, all in all it was a great day. There's nothing seriously wrong with my kitty, he got some fancy breathing treatment and was hospitalized for the afternoon. But he's back home and seems much better. So on top of all that, I got a little stroke to the ever fragile ego. Yep... a good day indeed.

Now back to work on that submission for the Texas Book Festival...