Slacking off

But only with my blog I promise!

Recently, what on earth have I been up to!?

Haha... actually I've been wasting HUGE amounts of time planning a summer vacation in New Orleans. I am literally addicted to TripAdvisor and Frommers. I think I'm slightly... OCD! I get obsessed super easily, and this is just a strange recent obsession. Ok I've promised myself I'm going to stop.

Poetic happenings in my life...

I've begun the highly anticipated and even more dreaded thesis. YIKES! On Tuesday I met with my wonderful professor, and he gave me the ever daunting task of selecting 52 poems for inclusion over the summer. Wonderful! I'm going to be very busy. So I was working on that today and guess what! I only have 35 that are even remotely thesis worthy :-O!!! And I'm hesitating at even including many of those, because I'm poetically schitzo too you see... I have two distinct poetic obsessions... and I'm not sure the two belong in the same manuscript. Wonderful prof is aware of this, and he says it's ok. But is it?! Well he has the PHD not me.

I also talk to myself. I'm beginning to truly think I've lost it.

Aside from the thesis...

I've also submitted (and was immediately rejected) from 2river view AND I'm sending out a packet today to Cold Mountain Review. YES! It's already prepped and ready to go. Now if only it would jump into an envelope and place a little stamp on the corner for me. Yes that would do nicely.

Yesterday I was fairly productive too. I created an author press kit. Wow, I didn't know what one was let alone consider the possibility that little old me would need a press kit. So it has been successfully slapped together in preparation for my submission to the Texas Book Festival.

If all goes well, good news will be bombarding me shortly and I will find myself even more busy.

One can only wish
No but seriously... I think I've lost it.