ThE eNd Is NeAr...

The end of the semester is loooooooooooming.

I just finished putting together my final porfolio for my form and theory of poetry class, and last week we had our celebratory dinner at Ristretto's as a grand finale for my poetry workshop class. See... there we are! Don't I look absolutely lovely reading my sexy naughty poems?

Aww... see I'm sitting next to my prof~ everyone looks marvlous I tell ya...
And you know what else? Prof there wants to direct my thesis! Yay! It's always nice when someone volunteers to help ;-) So we're going to meet and discuss next week. I'm excited to get this whole thesis thing going. I'm going to spend the summer writing writing writing I swear! So that way when I actually am enrolled in thesis hours I'll just have to focus on my critical intro, and the ordering of the poems that I've already written.
Another reason I'm excited to start my thesis is that I found a wonderful PhD program! I know I know... I'm being ambitious. But I have to be! You see that picture up there? Well, the man across from me, Sam, mentioned something about doing his PhD through Texas Tech University, but online. I looked into it and... well... it looks impressive. I'm excited, it looks like I really can do my PhD regardless of where I end up living. What a relief :) My goal - have it by the time I'm 30!
Oh! And my reading at Barnes? It went WONDERFUL! I got there about an hour early, introduced myself to the manager, and they started setting up for me right away. I had a nice little table, and rows of chairs for a good sized audience. They even announced me on the intercom :) I felt so important. I went around the store introducing myself to patrons (just like they suggest you do!) and even sold some books that way!!!
Well, by the time the reading was to start, my poet friends made it (YAY!), and so did several of the girls from work, along with my family, and well... a boat load of other random people! There weren't even enough chairs for everyone, my dad hunted down some more... and there still weren't enough chairs. My poetry reading was standing room only 8-) How cool is that?! And people were like... crowding too. There was a pretty thick crowd. Boy did I feel important.
Oh! and when we all finished reading, I stuck around to sign books, answer questions, photo opps with my new found fans :-P And there was a line! A line to talk to ME! Anyway, I was on cloud nine the rest of the night. It was amazing. I've never had so many people so interested in what I have to say, what I'm doing, what I'm writing about :)
I will have pictures up soon, I promise. When Bruno gets around to it of course. But I had a GREAT time. Oh, best part? I sold almost $100 worth of chapbooks! Woohoo!!!!
Anyways... it was a great day to be POET KATIE. :)