Napo 10

Napo 10 was super easy. It's basically a poem that writes itself -- look at your bookshelf and write down the titles in the spines of the books. Use those titles to write your own poem. I'm pretty proud of my bookshelf, so here's what I found:


Each and her,
the other fugitives and strangers,
everyone who doesn't fit,
who lives in the maverick room
with a view of the middle way,
who know the feeling of duende,
when bent to the earth,
the boundlessness of form,
the making of the poem and love,
all the facts about the moon.

They are invisible (wo)men, who,
were, too, fearfully and wonderfully made,
love the color purple in excess,
read Lolita in Tehran.

When will you join these rogue apostles
from the outer bands,
where good ideas come from?

Those who aren't afraid to dance
with Lucifer at the Starlight,
those ordinary geniuses
who pity the beautiful
as they dance backwards in Texas,
tear every seam apart?

Without them, this will never be
a beautiful country. You'll never
become another standing at the window.