Napowrimo 24

I'm still a few days behind on the prompt thing, but I responded to the earth day one today and wrote about the prickly pear. 

Self Portrait as a Prickly Pear

Admire my beauty from afar –
Each spring, I’ll dawn the finest pastel hues,

Canary, blush and alabaster
Drape them from my body like accessories

And wear them proud against the Texas sky.
These bright colors are my favorite –

They compliment my avocado eyes,
The smoothness of my skin.

It’s the season, after all, when the sweaters
Come off, the arms go bare, the feet

Go naked. I’m not exception,
sitting pretty on the monte’s edge.

I like the way the hummingbirds take notice,
Whet their tongues visit for a spell.

I spritz myself with pollen,
Wear the scent of spring,

Of sweet seduction. I like the power
This beauty brings, the opening

Of petals at my will. I raise my pads
To the sky, an offering of myself,

Bask in the glory of my own beauty,
Digging my toes deep into the soil –

Yes, it’s miraculous I look this good
Even in drought, even in rain,

I’m that kind of tough, rugged.
But don’t misunderstand,

These blooms weren’t made for you,
To catch your eye, to tempt your fingers.

Come in for an agave kiss
With your tender hands,

Wrap your arms around me in embrace

And I’ll prove to you love hurts.