Napowrimo 18

I'm a few days behind in terms of the prompts, but this one's instructions was to write a poem using a specialized glossary. Lately, I've been reading up on oil terms, so...

Boom Town Lover

I was your wildcat well, a risk to take
And you went for it, spud-in, eyes closed,
Arms open wide like a fool. In love,
There is no need for coring when you know
Just what you like. Roustabout, roughneck,
tool-pusher, you, toiling without reward,
You stumbled here upon the right place,
This body a landscape of curves, the sweet
Scent of sulfur on the surface of skin.

Come with your drills and bits, come ready
To fish in this vast sea of sediment and earth.
Come without abandon, stay awhile in this place --

The moonpool was open, ready for you
To drip your toes, to submerge yourself in love,
To find that sweet payzone that gives and gives
Until there’s nothing left, a dry hole, a ghost town

Filled with memories, potholes, the dust of us.