Napowrimo 20

This prompt was to write a poem about how to do something.
I'm pretty good at eating healthy, I think. I have a strange diet and some strange dietary habits. I reimagined some of today's contemporary diet advice through the lens of Eve. I wonder what she'd have to say about some of the crazy diets out there. 

What to Eat, According to Eve

I’m tired of commandments – thou shalt not
eat carbs, no sugar. Saturated fat
is the snake in the grass, french fries,
the enemy of that gap between your thighs,
A concave stomach, a well-trained waist,
A butt that takes up no space.

To be an object of desire you must embrace emptiness–
nibble little meals throughout the day,
a timid doe munching baby carrots,
a lean cuisine, a slimfast shake
to keep your appetite for life at bay.
Practice portion control.
Go paleo. Go gluten free. Go vegan.
Twelve hundred calories a day and nothing more.
You must be always on the edge of hunger.

But ladies, let me tell you a secret --
I only eat what gives me pleasure,
Nothing more and nothing less.
Let's get back to basics, how food
was made for nourishing, for strength.

Eat what whets your tongue,
Your appetite, what fills your belly
With the warmth of love and satisfaction.
Eat what makes your toes curl back.
Eat what makes you moan and close your eyes
And dream of paradise, this place
Of ripened fruit waiting to be plucked.
I eat until I’m satisfied and not a swallow more.
The body knows exactly what it needs.