Napowrimo #1

My oh my is it April already? Why yes, yes it is!

It's National Poetry Month!

This month, I'll be writing a poem a day, following along with the NaPoWriMo prompts. It's always a wild ride. I love this practice because it primes me for the coming summer and gives me material to work with. Like spring, it's generative. It's a time for creation. I'll work on honing these poems later. I'll post my freewrites here, free writes that for now are seedlings, freewrites that will hopefully blossom in to full blooming poems over the summer.

Today's prompt was to write a lune or a series of lunes. My latest obsession is the ghost town of Desdemona, Texas. I'm working on a series of love poems to the ghost town, comparing the boom and bust of the town to a white-hot marriage that, well, booms and busts. I'm hoping it will eventually incorporate elements of eco-feminism, but we shall see. My guess is that this will be my focus for the month, but who knows, right? I'm just excited to get some words down on the page.

Anyway, without further ado, Napowrimo #1

Prelude, in Lunes

Desdemona you were beautiful once –
A rolling prairie,
A sea of bluestems, openness

Nothing but sky, sun, sumac
Until they found
The blackness underneath the loam.

A blessing, a curse, beauty
Always causes chaos.
This love story’s no exception.