Napo 14

Today's prompt was to write about a bargain, an exchange. I don't eat doughnuts because I want to be pretty. Oh what a Faustian bargain I make everyday! :)

Ms. Faust

If you ask me what the soul is made of,
I’d say it’s probably doughnuts.
Glazed. Fresh and hot
From the oven of some tiny bakery
In some East Texas town,
The oil still glistening,
The dough dissolving on the tongue.

The smell wafts down the street,
Into my bedroom, my dreams,
Beckoning me into some kind of promise
Of a paradise of sugar,
Full bellies and joy.

And every morning, I’m Faust,
Turning up my nose the heaven
In exchange for this—my own flesh,
A Mephistophelean bargain
Called a diet, in which the soul
Is sold for price of a waist.