Napo 9

Today's prompt was to imagine the large and the small coming together. I had a little fun. I want to keep working on this poem yet. I imagine a poem about God baking a cheesecake and being disappointed with the results, the cracks, like the cracks and fractures that exist within our own society.

The Cracked Cheesecake of God

What the fuck? I tried my best,
Followed the steps laid out
By centuries of wisdom—
Warm everything in your palms
With love, crack the eggs
With a certain gentleness
Into the bowl, mix slowly,
Slowly, slowly, let the batter
Come together gradually
Before pouring it into that spring foam pan
Of a nation that will mold it into something
Everyone agrees is a masterpiece.

But no. I slid it into the oven,
Put a low heat, and still—
I leave it there for a moment,
Step away to fix my tempest
In a teacup just to find
Those hairline fractures in the surface of its skin,
Separating, deepening as it bakes
Into faultlines that mar
What should be perfection.

Shit. I did my best.
I throw up my hands
And grieve it just the same
As a continent slipping away
Into the ocean of dissent.