Napo 10

Yikes, yesterday I fell behind. I was on the road traveling, so it made writing difficult. Since both B and I are working remotely now, we figured we could work from wherever, in theory, and so we high-tailed it out of dodge to our very favorite place--our old home in south Texas. We'll be here for at least a month. We brought our cats, too. They did not appreciate the 18 hour drive from Nebraska.

Here in the valley, though, things are a little different. They are taking the coronavirus pandemic much more seriously than authorities are in Omaha, and masks are required to be out in public. So a trip to the grocery store to stock the house with pantry staples was an adventure. B has an old respirator he uses for painting cars, so he wore that and looked utterly adorable and ridiculous. I blended in a little more in a surgical mask.

So that's what today's poem is about, though it's in a haynaku-sonnet form. This was pretty easy to write, which is exactly what I needed today as I'm recovering from yesterday's crazy madness roadtrip with three cats, no stops, and a pandemic.

Mask Haynaku-Sonnet

Cover the
Most dangerous parts

You and
me: the lips

which coronavirus
blooms like kisses.

Each slip
Of cloth hides,

In equal measures,

Pleasure and doom.