Napo 11: Flowers and Poetry

I love writing poetry about flowers, so today's prompt excited me. It's also Easter Sunday, so I'm thinking about the story of Jesus. Though I should be thinking about His resurrection, today I'm caught thinking of the crucifixion instead.

There's a tree called the Judas tree that flowers really beautifully. It blooms in early spring, and it's popular because of its bright color. But of course, it's named after Judas. So there's a tension there. And that tension can, of course, be the stuff of poetry.

Here's my draft;

The Judas Tree

This is how the alabaster flowers
Turned the hue of blood:
A man, burdened with guilt
And gold in his pockets,
Hung himself here,
And regret spilled onto the petals
And stained them for all of history.

Even the seeds that came after
Wore this color—fuchsia,
Every spring, a reminder.
The flowers bloom of it,
The air smells of it,
The wind carries it,
The branches slump with it.

On Easter morning, everyone
Wears the pastel hues of spring,
Puts on their Sunday best,
And heads out to church.

You might see a Judas tree
In full bloom against the gray landscape.
And you might think, how lovely,
Grazing but the surface of this story.